By Kathryn Przybyla

Did you have an exciting weekend? Did it start off with a one hour Swedish massage at a local spa and then lead to booking a weekend in Santa Monica at an ocean view suite? Did you make reservations at a five star restaurant followed by a night out for a Broadway show? Did you get tickets to a movie screening after hanging out on set for a film shoot? Did you know you could do all this on a college student’s budget?

Living luxuriously is no longer for the rich and famous anymore. Here at Generation, we live like kings with our weekends getaways and all access passes, but we don’t pay big bucks for it (frankly, because we don’t get paid enough).

Never fret, we’re about to let you in on all our little secrets of how we pass our fabulous time when we aren’t writing. College is rarely a time of great wealth, but can make you feel like you are living the good life. Check out the deal of the day for slashed prices on things like a 90 minute deep tissue massage for $60 (regularly $125) or a 2 hour sightseeing cruise for $7 (regularly $15).

But what makes this site different is that the deals are only valid if enough people take up the offer. Most incentives bring upwards of 100 people, so actually getting the Groupon deal is usually pretty easy. All these offers might not apply to you, but checking every so often is sure to result in a good time.

When we’re not taking trips to the spa, traveling is another fine way to pass the time by. Nowadays I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use Travelocity, Hotwire, or Expedia to book a trip, but there may be a better (and cheaper) way to travel. lets you buy bids to use in auctions for available suites at over 50,000 hotels. Some recently closed auctions include 2 nights at the Meritage Spa in Napa that went for $48 (compared to $1,050 as listed on the hotel’s website) and 2 nights at the Little Nell in Aspen that went for $28 (compared to $1,200 as listed on the hotel’s website).

Some of these deals are outrageous. Traveler’s purchase bids at $0.10 a piece and then bid on packages listed on the site. If they win the overall auction, they pay the last price they bid and if they lose the auction the collection of $0.10 bids they spent are put towards booking a different hotel. Depending on the interest in a certain location/getaway, the final price can be a couple hundred dollar bills or a couple twenty dollar bills. Either way, it’s worth checking out.

When we can’t find the time to explore the world, we make up for it with fine dining on any given night. is a great tool to use when looking to check out some high quality places without paying the high quality price. Some offers listed right now include a $25 Buffalo Chophouse gift certificate for $10 and a $25 Tandoori’s gift certificate for only $17.50.

There are over 50 participating restaurants in the Buffalo area that are just waiting for you to stop in. Everyone has their own favorite spots, but if you are looking to try something new, and something a little pricier than Putnam’s, check out for some good food.

After a good meal, a night out can make the whole day come together. Being a theatre geek myself, I always enjoy a good performance. But rather than emptying my savings account on a trip to New York, checking out a few Broadway shows in Buffalo will have the same effect. Touring shows (rather than Broadway) are usually cheaper for full price tickets, and you are getting the same entertainment.

Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo is the best theatre to check some shows out. This upcoming season includes Mary Poppins, Dreamgirls, Wicked, and West Side Story. All of which are huge Broadway shows that won’t cost you the huge amounts of dollars you would be spending in New York City.

When writing about upcoming events, we try to stay on top of our game with movies, music and everything else. One of the best kept secrets in film would be Signing up on this site allows you access to pre-opening day, movie screenings. It’s from screenings like these that movies can create a good buzz, and improve ticket sales.

For us, it’s just a way to brag to our friends, but it’s still very cool. All of these screenings are free and you can print out your passes on your own computer. The only catch is they usually overbook, meaning they hand out more passes than actual seats, so come early for a good seat (if there’s any left!)

Hopefully this will make your life a little more luxurious than the average college students. It’s all about finding a way around the lack of funds and sticking it to the man with coupons and wicked awesome deals. Who says you can’t afford a five star hotel for the weekend when Ramen noodle dinners are usually your specialty?

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